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Can the 'Netflix' model of insurance work?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

A startup launched as a COVID-19 testing company is pivoting to a "Netflix" model of health insurance.

Curative is a health insurance company that offers a "Netflix" model of health insurance, where members pay a monthly premium for access to care with no cost-sharing. To be eligible for the no deductible, members must complete a baseline health assessment with a Curative clinician within the first 120 days of joining the plan. The CEO, Fred Turner, aims to build Curative into a large national insurance carrier that invests in preventive care and drives better long-term outcomes, rather than focusing on cutting costs. The company plans to focus on the large-group market, rather than the ACA exchange, to avoid the pitfalls faced by other health insurance startups.

Wilson, Rylee. “Can the 'Netflix' Model of Insurance Work?” Becker's Payer Issues,

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